Sunday, 7 December 2014

A few extra pictures

First, the smartest hotel I've yet stayed in: the Virunga, in Ruhengeri.

The staff assemble at 8am, presumably for a briefing

And here is the street scene beyond my little enclosed balcony

Now Christmas is coming to Kigali. But it is illegal to cut a tree to decorate. T2000, the big Chinese supermarket, displays some possibilities.

And Coca Cola takes the opportunity to place a huge advertisement in the middle of a busy roundabout - photographed through Antoine's windscreen.

Finally, two aspects of my last weekend. Antoine took me for a quiet chat to a restaurant with a lovely garden out of Kigali where the air is fresh - adjacent to the genocide burial ground for top politicians.

And Sandrine took these snaps of some of the children at Gasharu eating mangoes given from a tree in the church garden.

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